How to use this score?

Sepsis survivor or a carer?

  1. Please discuss the information provided in the webpage with your hospital doctor or general practitioner or family physician
  2. Adequate treatment of your comorbid conditions (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, lung disease) may reduce your risk of rehospitalisation following sepsis.

Hospital doctor, GP or family physician?

  1. Please visit help section of this site.
  2. Describe the risk to sepsis survivor or carer
  3. Optimise the management of comorbid conditions

Critical Care team?

  1. Calculate the SSIP score when sepsis survivors are ready for step down from critical care.
  2. Add the score and the risk information to the discharge summary.
  3. Discuss the score with the sepsis survivor and with next of kin, if appropriate.
  4. Inform the ward team responsible for ongoing care and the General Practitioner