SSIP Description

Adult patients who survive to hospital discharge following a critical care unit admission for sepsis are referred to as sepsis survivors.

The Sepsis SurvIvor Prognosis score (SSIP) is a parsimonious prognostic score that quantifies the risk of rehospitalisation or death in the first year following hospital discharge in sepsis survivors.

It does NOT give individual predictions but provides an estimate of risk in a population of sepsis survivors with similar characteristics.

It may NOT  be directly applicable to other countries, as the score may require local validation and recalibration.

Addition of NEW  variables may improve the score in the future.

The SSIP score was derived from nearly 100,000 critical care admissions with Sepsis-3 defined sepsis or septic shock to the intensive care units in England. Internal validation was performed with bootstrapping and narrow external validation was performed.

The SSIP score uses eight commonly collected variables or components, available during all critical care admissions.

Each component contributes points to the total SSIP score.

  • Previous Hospitalisation
  • Age at Admission to Critical Care.
  • Index of Multiple Deprivation in England, IMD 2015
  • Pre-Admission Dependency
  • Number of Co-Morbidities
  • Admission Type
  • Haemoglobin at Admission to Critical Care.
  • Site of Infection